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Limitations —

I’ve discovered I have limitations.  Today I have figured out how to set up multiple pages on this blog.  Check out my Random Writings — good for a laugh, and my Places tabs.  That is my limit for today.


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Classy, Sassy and Over Sixty—In the beginning


   Retirement is an interesting journey.  I thought I had a plan, but I didn’t really have one.  At first it was great.  I enjoyed the freedom of coming and going as I pleased– no structure– just living day by day without an agenda.  Then one morning I woke up and realized I didn’t have a purpose to get out of bed.

  Without realizing it, I had become lethargic, lazy is a better word, and was spending my days curled up on the sofa watching CSI reruns.  I wasn’t sleeping well, I wasn’t eating well and I spent my nights worrying about imaginary diseases that I didn’t have.

  Eventually I decided I was tired of feeling this way.    I gave some serious thought to how I wanted people to view me.  Even more important than that I gave some serious thought to how I wanted to view myself.  I decided I wanted to see my self as classy, sassy, and over 60.  I still don’t know what my purpose is, but along the way to becoming classy, sassy and over 60, I plan to find it.   This blog is part of that journey.  I  hope you’ll join me.

  The over 60 part was easy.  Time has passed and I am already a couple of years past that point in life.

Classy! My definition of classy is:

  1.  High quality
  2. Admirably smart
  3. A deeper and more meaningful word for “cool”

Sassy!  There are a couple of definitions of sassy that I like. 

  1.  Lively and spirited
  2. Pert;  boldly smart; saucy

  I think a classy, high quality woman is a woman who has learned to treat people with respect.  She takes care of those she loves, but not to the detriment of taking care of herself.  She is admirably smart; she is aware of what is going on around her, in her family, in her community, in the world and she can carry on an intelligent conversation about many things. 

  A woman of any age that is classy and sassy will, in my book, be somewhat “cool”.

  I think a sassy woman is a woman who knows how to laugh, how to love and enjoy life and she isn’t afraid to demonstrate those attributes.  She can tease, she can play and she enjoys doing both.  She has a little bit of mischief in her personality that keeps her exciting and interesting.   


  When I was a young adult and struggling to be successful, someone told me that “people see you as you see yourself, if you don’t like that image change the picture.”  In those days I needed to see myself as a successful professional.  I have no desire to go back to that image, so perhaps after 60 it is time to change the picture and start seeing myself in a new light—allowing the new image of me to blossom—perhaps a more authentic me.

My quote for today–

Hard times arouse an instinctive desire for authenticity. –Coco Chanel

I wonder if that is true.


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