My quote for today:

In spite of illness, in spite even of the archenemy sorrow, one can remain alive long past the usual date of disintegration if one is unafraid of change, insatiable in intellectual curiosity, interested in big things and happy in small ways.—Edith Wharton.

Change—inevitable or choice?

I was up early this morning and watched the sky change from gray, to pink, to yellow and then blue skies appeared.  I had no control over it.  It would have changed whether I saw it or not.    Some changes in life are like that—inevitable.  Others I have discovered we can control by the choices we make.  Because I chose to get up early I got to experience what Opal in the Comics (Pickles by Brian Crane) would call a “Postcard from God.”

Some changes are serious, some are fun and other make us feel better.  Just for now I am trying to make choices that make me feel better.   Last week my big choice was to change my hair style.

Changing hair styles

I was scheduled for a haircut Friday.  I had let it grow, or let it go, depending on who you talk to.  I was tired of the short, severe, but easy to care for style that fit the past 30 years.  I wanted something a little bit flirty, a little bit sassy…or maybe just different.   Why is changing my hair style such a traumatic experience?   My entire life I have found this to be true.  Maybe it goes back to those days when I was young and Mom used to put curly permanents in my hair when all I wanted was beautiful straight hair like the other girls had.

Whenever I consider changing my hair style my memory immediately goes back to fifth grade. I still remember it vividly.   One weekend Mom gave me a permanent wave. The result was a mass of frizzy little curls. Even after she rolled it on pink rubber spools to dry it was a mass of unmanageable coils.  When I got to school I decided to see if I could get rid of some of the curl.  All permanents of that era said that “for best results” we were not to wash our hair for two or three days.  I figured if I got my hair wet it would straighten it out. 


I stuck my head under the faucet in the girl’s restroom and soaked it good.  Instead of straightening it out it turned curlier and frizzier.  Now not only did it look worse, I had to come up with a story to tell Mom when I got home.   Do you think she would have believed that I got my head pushed under a water fountain?

It’s hard to feel classy and sassy while imagining myself with a hair full of frizz.   Will I ever get over it?

Life is an adventure.  Life is an adventure.  I kept telling myself, over and over.  Life is an adventure.  And then I went to the beauty shop.

The result, it’s okay.  It’s different, a little longer, but it is okay.

Now, back to the serious for a moment, we all have changes we fear.  What changes of retirement do you fear the most?  For me it is health.


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