Cleaning Out the Past

Cleaning Out the Past:

It took me awhile to realize that there is a lot of my past, the business side of my life, that I no longer need.  The first thing I considered cleaning out when I retired was my closet full of business clothes.  To some extent that was a valid thought.   There are several other things in my life, however, that it is time to discard, some things that are even more significant than my wardrobe.

There are thoughts that need to be discarded or replaced.   My image, at least since my children have been gone from home, has been tied almost exclusively to my career.  The people I know and the people I communicated with on a regular basis were nearly all related to business.   The social contacts that I had outside of business were never developed into meaningful relationships because I didn’t have the time.  Now is the time to change that.  I am looking forward to meeting friends for lunch or just to go for a walk.   I am looking forward to being a good friend to those that matter.

 I am looking forward to getting to really know the people in a writing group that I have been part of for several years.  From listening to them read what they write, I know they are really interesting people and I am excited about getting to know them better.

One significant thing that I have discarded is my collection of management books.   Several days ago I cleaned off my five-foot bookcase, boxed up the books and had my husband take them to the thrift shop. 

 I am on my way…


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