Working Part-time after Retirement

Working Part-time After Retirement:

Recently a friend of mine made a comment that made me realize that although I have been saying that I was retired for the past ten years I really wasn’t.  I kept making myself available to the office.  I thought it would be less painful to ease into retirement, not dive in all at once. I think it might have been easier to acclimate to the new environment if I had just jumped in. Now I think that it might be like jumping into a cold lake, there is an initial shock, but then you get over it quickly.

 There are lots of reasons to continue working part-time and in these economic times financial reasons are certainly valid ones.  I do believe though, that I am just now dealing with the issues of retirement because I haven’t allowed myself the true freedom that I expected to have.  Before I quit all together I was always anticipating that I might be needed in the office and I believe that may have kept me from planning to do the things I really wanted to do.

My prior business partners gave me all the flexibility I wanted. I could come and go as I pleased.   I can’t even blame it on them.  I could have said “no” any time I had something else planned.  But, it is hard to give up that sense of loyalty and the sense of responsibility that goes with years of dedication.  Maybe if I hadn’t loved many aspects of my job it would not have been an issue.  It was almost like an addiction.

Just food for thought if you are thinking about retirement….


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