Writing is Tough Business

    Really the writer doesn’t want success…He knows he has a short span of life, that the day will come      when he must pass through the wall of oblivion, and he wants to leave a scratch on that wall—Kilroy was here—that somebody a hundred, or thousand years later will see.

–William Faulkner


Writing is a tough business.  We all have times when we feel that what we have written has bombed.  Those days when our manuscript is finished but we know the opening sentence just isn’t quite right.  We may even know which words need to be changed but we just can’t seem to find the right ones.  We all have those days when there just aren’t any words.   Whatever we write seems to take us no where.    Then there are those days when we have just received the 20th rejection letter, and our confidence has blown apart.  Yes, writing is a tough business. 

I hope few of us have days like the writer in California that just wanted the agent to read his movie script, but instead the brief case ended up in an alley and the police brought in the bomb squad to explode it.  That is the worst case of a manuscript bombing I have ever heard.

On that note–have a great day.



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