Frustation–Memory gone amok

There are days when it seems everything is against you.  My practically new embroidery machine keeps losing it’s memory.   My machine starts the embroidering just fine.   Then somewhere along the way it decides to do a little dance and takes a detour off the planned route.   It runs across the fabric willy-nilly  untill it finds a place it likes better than where it is supposed to go.  Then it resumes the pattern  several inches from where it started.  I love having machines that can do wonderful things, practically on their own, but I want them to do what I want them to do.  I want the results to be my creativity, not theirs.

I’ve taken the machine to the sewing machine hospital and left it in the mental ward.  Unfortunately it is County Fair week and the owner/repairman/physician/psychiatrist  is on his way to set up for the Fair this afternoon.  It may be a week or more before I know how sick my poor machine really is.  I hope its memory isn’t completely gone.

My plan yesterday was to do some embroidery on some cushions I am making for a granddaughter.   If the day had gone as planned I would be displaying them on the blog today, but life does not always go as planned.  Perhaps another day…. 



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