Still Walking —

It was mild but cloudy when I left the house for my daily walk.  I guess mild is relative.   In the Pacific Northwest, 63 degrees is mild.  I consider it perfect walking weather, no coat required, no sun glasses required, just get out there and put one foot in front of the other. 

As I headed in the direction of town, I walked through several residential alleys.  Alley walking is an interesting adventure.  I have walked by these same houses on the street side.   From the front several of them are lovely well maintained homes, but the alley sides, my oh my, what a difference.  Behind some of those lovely homes the grass is so tall that it would hide a small deer.  Others have so much junk scattered around that you couldn’t find your way to their back door, heaven forbid if they ever had an emergency.  I have to admit my yard isn’t perfect.  This year my front yard looks pretty good.  I have made it my priority.  My back yard isn’t quite as neat and tidy, but I do keep my grass cut and I don’t pile debris all over the yard.  To each his own I guess.

I discovered that the neighborhood dogs don’t like it when you walk through the alley.   They run back and forth along the fence barking menacingly.  I always check to see how big they are and how well they are restrained as I go past them.  The big dogs can be scary and some of the little ones can be even scarier.  Most of them probably just want someone to play with them, but I usually talk to them from a distance and hurry past.

My favorite site today was the little purple backhoe sitting in the front yard of one of the homes I passed.  I could just picture a petite little gal, hair tied in a pony tail, confidently pulling the levers, lifting the bucket and digging a trench.  Someday, I hope I can figure out how to get that purple backhoe into one of my stories.  Doesn’t it just make your mind go wild with ideas?

Tomorrow we hope to make our walk out Hurricane Hill Trail again.  If we make it I will let you know what is happening with the wildflowers.


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