Up the Hill Again

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

 Amazingly, we had another beautiful day.  We started our drive up the hill with the sun already warming the air.  It was early enough that the parking lot at the lodge was only partially filled. We drove past and found several parking spots at the trail head today.

We checked the sign at the trail head to see how far the trail goes and what the elevation change is.  We discovered that it is 1.6 miles to the Hurricane Hill Trail Look Out.  The distance didn’t bother us but the idea of a 650 foot elevation change sounded like more of a challenge for a couple of old geezers, like us.


We decided we didn’t care how long it took.  Our goal was just to make it to the top.  So we started out putting one foot in front of the other.  The wild flowers were probably prettier today than they were last week.   I took pictures of the lupine, some tiger lilies and whatever else was growing along the road.


About two-thirds of the way up we moved out-of-the-way to let a man and his nine-year-old daughter pass.  We had a really pleasant little chat before they headed on up the hill. They were from Wisconsin.  He had grown up in the area and decided that he would bring each of his children to the park (Olympic National Park) and hike the trail the year that they were nine.  He had been here three years ago when his son turned nine and plans to come back in two years when the next child turns nine.  This was a trip just for Dad and daughter.  They had left the rest of the family at home.  How special was that? 

We also chatted with a couple from New York. He was 74-years-old and quite a character.  I have no idea her age, but probably a senior citizen also.  They were on their way down.

We continued putting one foot in front of the other until we made it to the lookout.  It was worth the effort.   Sites of Port Angeles and the water greeted us.  The temperature was in the low 70’s and except for a few bugs, there was little to complain about.   The meadow was a sea of blue lupine and best of all; the route back to the car was nearly all downhill.

My 87-year-old walking partner at the lookout.


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