The Stranger, a Novel by Albert Camus

Just finished reading a little book called The Stranger, by Albert Camus.   To appreciate it you have to understand the time it was written.  It was written during the 1940’s and WWII by a political author from French Colonial Algeria.  It was also written to express the author’s belief that life was irrational and absurd.  This novel definitely expressed that  idea.  That doesn’t mean I agree with the idea, just that it is well expressed in this book. 

Aside from the author’s message in the book, I found it interesting from a writing perspective.   The Protagonist is totally aware of the physical world around him.   The detail of physical sites, sounds and happenings is extremely well written.  The expected emotional response from the protagonist is also markedly absent.  The portrayal of an individual that has been emotionally numbed is remarkable.  The book is worth reading for the character development, the plot development and the prose style of Albert Camus.


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