Basil, Zucchinni and Newspapers

I have discovered that I really do like gardens.  Please note, I said gardens, not gardening.  It will soon be time to prepare the garden plot for winter.  Last year I saw a program about the garden at the University.  They used shredded newspaper to cover the garden and then topped it with sheets of newspaper.  After turning the garden under last year I tried this.  My garden plot was totally weed-free when I got ready to plant this year.   You will soon find me running my newspapers through the paper shredder so I can sow them in my winter garden.

 This weekend I brought in most of my basil.  It will soon be too cold and wet for it to prosper here.  I made pesto and we ate pesto on flat bread.  What a treat.   Pesto is so easy to make that anyone can make it.

 Start with at least 2 cups of fresh basil leaves.  You’ll probably want more after you taste it. Add some nuts.  I used pine nuts this time, but walnuts will work.  Not too many, maybe a quarter of a cup.  Add garlic to taste, you decide how well you like garlic.  I put in about 4 cloves.  They say (whoever “they” are) that garlic is good for us.  Add some good oil, I like olive oil.  Add the oil slowly while blending until the pesto is the desired consistency.  Then you can add  a little salt and some pepper, if you like, and eat up.  Pesto and crackers is great with tomato soup.

 Tomorrow I plan to grate up all the excess zucchini and freeze most of it.  I will make one fresh loaf of zucchini bread for a weekend potluck.   Then this winter–when I am no longer sick of zucchini–I will pull out a package of grated zucchini and make some more bread.

The last head of lettuce will  get picked this week.  I will have tomatoes for a while if the weather stays nice enough for them to ripen.   That is always a big “if” in the Pacific Northwest.  I might get a beet or two and then it will be time to cover the garden.


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