Three Word Wednesday — May/December

The difference was not as obvious now as it had been 26 years earlier, but once in a while someone still noticed.   Evan held her hand just as he had the day they married.  Martha cherished every moment they had together.  There was no guarantee then that they would have more than a quarter of a century together.  And although Martha smiled feeling blessed, it still made her nauseous when she heard the woman at the next table ask, “Obviously he has money or why would she be with someone who is that old?”

“Maybe he needs a trophy wife,” was the reply.

Martha squirmed in her chair and looked at Evan.  “Why is it that a May-December relationship always makes others think that the reason for the relationship is selfish,” she asked?  

Evan  squeezed her hand, his love for her  obvious by his gentle expression. “It’s their loss.  Don’t let it bother you.”

 Her anger slowly mounted. As they got up to leave, she looked at the offenders, smiled sweetly and said, “Maybe you have it all wrong.   Maybe he’s my trophy husband, and now you will never know. “    Evan and Martha both laughed as they walked away.

This is a piece written for a writing prompt called Three Word Wednesday–cherish, guarantee, nausea



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5 responses to “Three Word Wednesday — May/December

  1. good for her she told them.

  2. Nicely written, love the way you turned the tables here!

    Haiku Wall

  3. People always have their opinions, right or wrong.

    Great use of three words. I hope you’ll check out my attempt.

  4. Madison Woods

    I liked that story. Never heard of it called a May-December marriage, though. Is that an older man-younger woman arrangement? Or can it be either way? Pretty neat how you got all that from three words!

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