Bizarre, Strange, Yet Wonderful

The winds howled as only the winds on the plains of South Dakota can howl.  At first we drove through terrain reminiscent of a mars photo.  It was void of life, or so it seemed.   Deep crevices and ashen soil reminded me of the volcanic ash after the eruption of Mount Saint Helens in Washington State.  I’ve been here, in the South Dakota Badlands, before, many times.  But the wonder of this part of our country still intrigues me.

This is a bizarre land of erosion created buttes and pillars, canyons and spires, and pinnacles and gorges.  It is a true example of how something so very desolate can also be something very beautiful.  As the sun changes position the colors change from reds to sandy grays and lavender.  Around each bend in the road the terrain changes, from tall and spire-like, to deep and canyon-like.

Just as you think there is no life possible here, you come upon an example of a fossil, a patch of grass, or a sign that says, “beware of snakes.”




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2 responses to “Bizarre, Strange, Yet Wonderful

  1. We’ve been traveling the U.S. for 18 months and just left the badlands . . . I remember that exact “beware of rattlesnake sign.” Totally awesome place (rattlesnakes notwithstanding).

  2. Love this! Sounds like the begging of a really good book..

    Keep up the good work and ill keep visiting your blog 🙂

    -Chris Styles

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