It’s Fall Again

It’s Fall again.   When I get up in the morning it is void of natural light outside.  I drink my first cup of coffee and read the newspaper, occasionally staring out the window into a world of nothingness.

One by one, the lights from morning traffic begin to disturb the void.  Lights around the neighborhood reflect off the clouds as the sky brightens.

The tiny new branches on the silver maple across the street dance playfully in the early morning breeze.

Autumn leaves detach and quietly float to the ground turning the lawn various shades of yellow and gold.

The sun climbs revealing blue sky between the clouds.  Dark silhouettes appear in the shadow of pink clouds and the Olympic Mountains peek through the branches of the tree.

By the time I finish my second cup of coffee, all traces of darkness have left, the pink is gone from the sky and I know that today there is no other place I’d rather be.




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