The Pitfalls of NANO

There are a number of pitfalls you may experience while writing a novel, especially if you are trying to write it in a very short time period, such as during NANO.  One is that sometimes what comes out of your mouth has absolutely nothing to do with the people you are with.  At other times you get so involved writing details into that silly little notebook, that you now take everywhere, that you totally forget that you are not by yourself.

For example, today my spouse took me out to breakfast.  I think he felt like I had been ignoring him, which of course I have, and he wanted a little attention.  It just so happened that we had a teenage waitress.  It also, just so happens, that I need a realistic teenage waitress in my current novel.  I spent our entire breakfast jotting down notes about the way the waitress was dressed and how she  behaved.

After breakfast we went to a woodworking show.  Woodworking is my husband’s  hobby.  Out of nowhere I said, “Seth Roland’s table would look great in Don’s house.”

 Seth makes beautiful artistic furniture.  He is very real, but Don is a character in my novel.

It is a good thing my husband loves me….



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