# 1–Recently, I stood at the window on a cold autumn night, staring at the stars playing peak-a-boo with the clouds.  It reminded me of a similar evening shortly after my parents returned to Port Angeles.  My mother commented that she thought the stars looked closer here than they did in California.   And indeed, because the skies are clear, the stars seem closer than they do in the smoggy Los Angeles area.  I am grateful that I live where I can stand outside, smell fresh air in the autumn, smell the lavender in spring, see the sunshine clearly in the summer and hold clean white snow in my hand in the winter.  Fate brought me here and I still marvel at the wonder of it all.

 # 2–I woke up one morning thinking about how warm and cozy the bed felt.  I thought about the luxury of a long hot shower.  I knew there was oatmeal in the kitchen and I also knew that someone dear to me would probably fix it, if I asked.  I could almost smell the hot coffee that would soon  be brewing.  I realized that what we take for granted is what means the most.  I am thankful for the everyday, little things in my life.


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