The Thanksgiving Guest

Wayne checked the steps for ice as he made his way up the six steps from the street to the walkway.  Someone in the neighborhood must have cleared the snow from the entry to Abby’s house, he thought, as he climbed six more steps to her front door.

He had no idea what had been the impetus behind inviting a ninety-year-old woman for Thanksgiving dinner.   But he took solace in the fact that Susan was actually cooking a holiday dinner complete with pumpkin pie.

Wayne pushed the button and listened.  His hearing was failing and he wasn’t sure if he had heard the bell ring or not.  But then he heard Fancy, Abby’s American Eskimo, having a fit, so he knew the bell had rung.

Stupid dog Wayne thought, as he flipped his graying pony-tail  over the collar on his coat.  While he waited in the cold, he stared at the old wringer washing machine that stood on Abby’s front porch.  He wondered why anyone would consider an antique washing machine –even one with a wooden tub–a proper front porch ornament.

He waited.  It seemed like forever.  When Abby finally came to the door, it only added to Wayne’s frustration when he realized that she had taken time to put on her coat and to tie a scarf around her head.  But, as if for vindication, she handed him a bottle of Irish whiskey and a pan of fudge.

check back on Friday for the rest of the story–

3WW – impetus, solace, vindication



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5 responses to “The Thanksgiving Guest

  1. Well, at least he got some fudge out of the deal… 🙂

  2. What a wonderfully eccentric piece..beautifully written..what you have left out almost tells us more..crisp as snow..Jae

  3. Hopefully she’s spunky and will set him straight. I’ll be back!

  4. Excellent excerpt. Enjoyed it.

  5. Oh, I hope the pompous ### gets shown his manners by Miss Abby asap.
    Great writing. Had me hooked 😉

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