The Mob

A mob of snowmen, complete with black top hats and striped knit scarves, gathered outside the shopping mall.  They were furious that management would not turn  the heat down inside the building so that they could do their Christmas shopping too.

Icey, one particularly unruly snowman, known for his bad behavior, climbed on top the building and began tossing carrots on the customers as they entered the door.  He laughed uncontrollably as he jettisoned the carrots down.

The police were in a quandary.  They had no idea what to do.  They didn’t want to arrest the snowmen in front of the children. They spent the morning trying to figure out how to handle this icy situation.

The sun came out early that day and it grew unseasonably warm.  The temperature rose.  It was nearly 70 degrees by noon and the problem melted away.

(Author’s note:  As you can see these three words got the best of me–words:  mob, jettison, behave)



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13 responses to “The Mob

  1. Scriptor Obscura

    this is a great one! I love this little story! 🙂

  2. Thanks to all of my readers for you kind words. You encourage me and keep me writing. I am really impressed by the 3WW writers. The poetry is incredible and the stories are all interesting.
    Keep writing.

    Mary A

  3. I love it! You had me from top hats and striped knitted scarves.

  4. Gorgeous little story. I enjoyed the laugh it gave me at the end. Thanks!

  5. This was great fun. I smiled at the idea of snowmen doing their shopping. Nice meeting you at 3WW this morning. You gave me a smile to begin my day.

  6. Kim

    Fun story. Nice twist to black friday & snow!

  7. katherinevonkrim

    Hahaha! I bet store managers wished for melting mobs on Black Friday. Thanks for the laugh.

  8. LOL unruly snowman.
    This was a great fun stroy.
    Did the snowman being arrested at the parade inspire you?

  9. Rinkly Rimes

    I love the idea of the mob melting away, but there are few snowmen mobs about!

  10. Before I saw the the previous post..I thought this was Black Friday..a mob of snowmen..trying not to melt..or get turned into slush puppies..Jae 😉

  11. Ah, if only other more unruly mobs would melt away like that.

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