Things to Ponder While I Walk….

Things to Ponder While I Walk….

There is something irresistible about a sunny December day in the Pacific Northwest.  Even though I am somewhat out of shape and fail to exercise the suggested five times a week, the sun often entices me into my walking shoes and out the door.  Today while I took advantage of the sun I found myself pondering various unrelated questions, like:

  • Why is it that it took me so long to realize that every walk doesn’t have to be an endurance test?  It is okay, and probably even healthy to enjoy the walk.
  • All the leaves are off the trees and now the evergreens have lost their needles too.  It looks like a lot of people along my walk have used their leaf (snow) blowers to blow the needles and leaves into the gutter.  Shouldn’t it be their job to clean out the storm drains?
  • I often see children aged five to seven riding their bikes with their parents, but I never see children of twelve or thirteen years old on bicycles.  Is that because of the age of the child or the age of the parent?
  • When I am walking and wearing gloves, why is it that my hands get too warm and I have to take my gloves off, but the rest of me is still cool?

As you see there was nothing profound going through my head today, just things to ponder.






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2 responses to “Things to Ponder While I Walk….

  1. Nice things to ponder about. When I go for a walk, I end up making up stories of what the next person I see walking is thinking about. Its highly entertaining for me and I have no idea why I do it. But by doing so, I’d have walked more without checking my watch every now and again!!

  2. I feel a thread of connection with you. I grew up in SoCal, but now live in the Northwest and my hands always get too warm if I wear gloves when I’m outdoors. My problem is that without the gloves, they freeze. I haven’t figured out a solution yet.

    Great blog you have here.

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