Lunar Eclipse–Pacific Northwest Style

The moon so bright

The end of night

 Clouds in the sky

Earth passes by

I watch and wait

To see its fate

The earth prevails

While the moon fails

The clouds consume

I’ve lost the moon

Tonight, I know

The moon will show

And I’ll rejoice

It’s found its voice. 

For me the act of writing is sometimes like watching a lunar eclipse in the Pacific Northwest.  An idea starts out.  It’s bright in my head.  I find myself on a high.  Then doubt rolls in and consumes my joy.   I struggle to keep writing while my doubts prevail.  But I keep writing because I know if I continue, eventually I will find my voice.

 This morning the view of the moon was blocked by the clouds just before it was completely eclipsed by the shadow of the earth.  The climax was never visible.  That is exactly how my novel is going at the moment.



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4 responses to “Lunar Eclipse–Pacific Northwest Style

  1. Some really nice stuff on this web site , I like it.

  2. It’s often that way for me, too.

    • It is funny (not funny haha) to hear you describe your writing path…mine is similar but I find mine starts out like a fever or a wild fire than burns through all the fule than goes out untill the spark, un tamped camp fire, or flicked cig butt ignites it again. I have two books sitting on the coals at present and need a spark….maybe tomorrow!

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