Goods Things in 2012….

Port Angeles–Victoria Ferry

A New Year’s Walk–

Several years ago my husband and I discovered that the typical New Year’s Eve celebrations no longer excited us.   So we replaced that tradition with a New Year’s Day walk.  Normally we walk out on Ediz Hook.  The weather is always unpredictable this time of year so we have walked in wind, rain and even snow.

This year we changed our route.  We started at the City Pier and walked East along the waterfront trail.  Cloudy skies greeted us as we left the car, but there was no wind.  It remained calm.  The sun came out and warmed us, both physically and emotionally.  It seemed like a good omen.  Sunny skies on the first day of the New Year certainly must mean good things will happen in 2012. 

I plan to take that thought and run with it this year. Let’s all change our route and believe that things can get better….

City Pier


Ducks at play



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2 responses to “Goods Things in 2012….

  1. lil sis

    Love the photos… sure do miss you….

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