If I hadn’t walked….

I try not to think of walking as exercise.  I consider “exercise” work.  However there are days when I still find it difficult to get out there and move.  There is one section of our waterfront trail that always provides something interesting; I usually head in that direction when I don’t really want to walk.   The disadvantage of this part of the trail is that I have to walk past a contaminated mill site and the sewage treatment plant to get to the interesting part of the trail.  (Life is like that.   You have to get past the stinky stuff to get to the good stuff.)

If I hadn’t taken that walk on Monday I would have missed the eagle as it swooped down, grabbed its prey and flew away, two seagulls following close behind–I guess the seagulls were hoping for an easy meal.  Farther down the trail I looked up to see two eagles in a tree.  One stayed quietly perched on a branch while the other alternated between swooping over the water and returning to anxiously sit in the tree.

As I continued my walk I listened as the surf snapped against the rocks, and stopped and watched ducks glide gracefully along the water’s edge.  Then I walked on savoring the silence.

As I started the return trip the silence was interrupted by the honking of a gaggle of geese.  I heard them long before I saw them soar overhead.

If I hadn’t walked….


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  1. Loved reading the post…will come back for more. You never know when the next serendipitous moment strikes

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