Sons & Daughters

I am the mother of two, a son and daughter; friend to two more, another son and daughter.  In some ways it is like two families because they were all adults when our families intertwined.  And yet to me, we are more one family than two.  I love and respect them all in different ways and for different reasons. Each of them is special.

Because jobs have taken three of them to far-away cities in far-away states only one of the four lives near.  She is my friend.  I am blessed that she and her husband are here and included us in their Christmas plans.  But I missed the other three and their families. 

There were no siblings sharing memories this year.  No brothers and sisters teasing each other.  No grandchildren or great-grandchildren underfoot to entertain and delight, to laugh and to cry. 

There were no Scrabble games at the dining room table, no extra beds to make and no dirty towels in the bathroom.  It was the first time in 46-years that I had no son’s visit the week between Christmas and New Years; the first time in 18-years that I had no grandchild cross over the threshold of my front door.  The house has been quiet.  Christmas was too quiet.

As parents you have to let go if your children are to be all that they can be.  So, I rejoice.  My sons and daughters are all healthy and happy; working and busycreating lives of their own–as it should be.



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