Moving on….

(authors note:  this is just a beginning)


The sun peeking through gray skies, bouncing off the snow-capped mountains of the Olympics and sparkling off the water seemed much too cheerful this morning.  A sullen day would have been much more in keeping with the way Sierra felt.  She paced back and forth in front of the office window.  She didn’t believe she had ever felt so alone.  She was grateful that her Uncle was an attorney, well a judge to be exact.  He had guided her through this dreadful journey, but she knew the journey wasn’t over. There was no time left.  She had to make her move now.

She checked the lateral file in the credenza one more time.   She was certain that all of the files were in order.  Copies of the audit work programs, for both of the audits she had been working on, were in the first folder.  She had initialed all procedures she had completed prior to making the copies.  The originals she had already mailed to herself, in-care-of her Uncle, per his instructions.   She surveyed the room again.  She had removed the last of her personal effects the night before.  Nothing remained on the desk except for her time sheet, the telephone and the computer terminal.

She knew her time sheet  was totaled and balanced.  She picked it up, checked one last time to make certain that the required adding machine tape had been attached to the back, and then she wrote her Uncle’s post office box on the top of the sheet.  A copy was securely tucked away in her briefcase.  She found herself wondering  if she would ever receive her final paycheck.   The only thing she knew for certain was that her employer could not be trusted to do the right thing.

“Wow, you look different this morning.”  The voice of the secretary interrupted Sierra’s thoughts.

Sierra just smiled.  She knew that wearing brown silk slacks and a crème linen tank top with matching blazer did not comply with the office dress code.  When Mr. March had hired her, he had informed her that navy-blue, gray and black were necessary colors to create a professional impression in a public accounting firm.  As of today, she did not care.

Nell stood staring at Sierra.  Sierra could tell that Nell could not understand this change.  Sierra knew that everyone viewed her as the  woman who had followed every office rule to the letter.  Sierra liked Nell.  She wished she could tell her what was going on, but instead she just handed the time sheet to Nell and said, “Here’s my time sheet.  Please note that I have changed my mailing address.  The new address is on the top.”

As Nell took the time sheet and walked to her desk, Sierra removed her resignation letter from her briefcase.  No time like the present, she thought.  She knew it was going to be brutal.  Mr. March didn’t handle  things that weren’t on his agenda very well.  She was certain that her resignation was not on his agenda.



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8 responses to “Moving on….

  1. You’ve got some real hints of conflict and a good hook — escaping from the evil empire, and there’s a threat that she will be killed for making this move. I really hope you keep up with it — and that you’ll link it at Alice’s Serialists, as well. She’s got a great community there.

  2. I like that we start her moving on with the sun..Jae

  3. Very intriguing… can’t wait to see what’s next!

  4. A serial! Yipee! I love it. How about putting the link in The Serialists hub?

  5. Very nice, I was completely caught up in your story. Hopefully, there will be more!

  6. I wonder if it is a move she wanted to make, why she was so sullen, apprehensive, nervous?
    Hmm… Nice write. 🙂

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