Light filtered in through the generous picture window of Sandra’s  third floor condo.  The moon reflected off chrome and glass tables.  As she slid her hand across the smooth granite  counter top a tear rolled down her cheek.

It’s not fair, she thought.  Why should I be penalized because of someone else’s unethical behavior.

Sandra listened as her phone continued to ring, but she did not answer.  She knew this would be the last time she would  stand in this spot and watch the moon light up among the stars.  In the morning it would all be over.

In a just world, she thought employees wouldn’t lose their homes because of their employer’s behavior.  But, she reminded herself, this is not a just world.





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5 responses to “Foreclosure

  1. Great site, thanks for share this article with us

  2. good writing – sad story.

  3. With a hollow heart I agree that this is not a just world. I hope that Sandra knows that the moonlight will always shine among the stars. I hope that she will find a safe place to watch them.

  4. yes it doesn’t seem fair that so many people suffer for so many other people’s greed.

  5. lil sis

    Wait!!! I want more…. I need details! I really enjoy your posts.

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