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Foreclosure #6


“So-o-o, you c-c-come every day?”   She couldn’t believe that she was stuttering.  She had never stuttered in her life.

“Yeah, every day.”   His grin looked more like a challenge than a friendly smile.

“Good morning dear.” Don interrupted the conversation.  “What would you like for breakfast?  I have eggs, no bacon of course.   There is cold cereal or oatmeal if you prefer.  I think there is even some vanilla yogurt in the frig if you want it.”

Sandra quickly regained her composure and said, “Just coffee for now. Thanks.”

“Coffee won’t hold you through the day, Sandy.  I always make oatmeal for us.  I’ll add enough for you.”   Jason opened the cupboard, pulled down a bag of oats and started breakfast.  Sandra sat staring in disbelief.  “Here Sandy, you can cut the apple.”   Jason handed her a granny smith, a knife and pointed to the cutting board.  “Just cut it into chunks,” Jason continued.

Sandra wondered if Jason knew he had just endangered his own life when he handed her that knife and suggested that she cut the apple.  Sandra didn’t realize that the real hazard was that threatening grin of his.

(Three word Wednesday–cut, endanger, hazard.




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Foreclosure #5

Sandra could not imagine why someone would be visiting Don at 7:00 am in the morning.  She knew he had always been an early riser, but 7:00 a.m.  This was ridiculous.  She listened intently, trying to make out the voices.  She knew one was Don, but although the other was somewhat familiar she couldn’t identify who it was.

She decided that she might as well get the first morning drudgery over with.  She had no plans for the day so she slid into her ratty old jeans, a chambray shirt and grass stained sneakers.  She ran a brush through her hair and pulled it up on the top of her head in a less-than-attractive pony tail.  Then she clomped down the hallway.

As she rounded the corner into the kitchen she came to an abrupt halt as she collided with a six-foot barrier—a six-foot- barrier with blonde hair, blue eyes and a utility belt slung on his hips.   Before she had a chance to back up he wrapped his arms around her and lifted her off the ground embracing her like a long-lost friend.

“Sandy,” he exclaimed.  “You didn’t turn out so bad after all.”

“Oh my gosh,” she exclaimed, “Jason?”  She went limp when she realized who it was.   Karen’s son was the last person she wanted to see.  But there he stood holding her in his arms like a homeless teddy bear.  She found herself smiling as she looked into his laughing eyes.  Don’t smile, she chided herself.  You don’t want anything to do with Jason, remember?

Jason was three years older than her.  She hadn’t seen him since she was eleven, nearly twenty years.  She had to admit he was no longer the scrawny nerd who had tried so hard to be her friend years ago.  That was the year that she refused to enter her father’s home if either Karen or Jason was present.  And until yesterday, she had not returned to this house.

She untangled herself, quickly looked away and reached for a cup and the coffee pot.  When she turned around, Jason was standing beside the table holding a chair for her to sit.   She practically shrieked, “What are you doing here?”  She knew that she and her father were going to differ about this issue, but having Jason visit was totally unacceptable.

Her father cleared his throat as if to speak, but Jason spoke first.  “I check on Dad every morning now that Mom is gone.  I make sure he checks his blood pressure and that he takes his med’s.  I don’t want him to have another heart attack.”

“…Another heart-attack?”  Sandra struggled with the words.  The information startled her so much that she didn’t realize that Jason referred to Don as ‘Dad’.


Three word Wednesday:  differ, halt, imagine.



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