Foreclosure #6


“So-o-o, you c-c-come every day?”   She couldn’t believe that she was stuttering.  She had never stuttered in her life.

“Yeah, every day.”   His grin looked more like a challenge than a friendly smile.

“Good morning dear.” Don interrupted the conversation.  “What would you like for breakfast?  I have eggs, no bacon of course.   There is cold cereal or oatmeal if you prefer.  I think there is even some vanilla yogurt in the frig if you want it.”

Sandra quickly regained her composure and said, “Just coffee for now. Thanks.”

“Coffee won’t hold you through the day, Sandy.  I always make oatmeal for us.  I’ll add enough for you.”   Jason opened the cupboard, pulled down a bag of oats and started breakfast.  Sandra sat staring in disbelief.  “Here Sandy, you can cut the apple.”   Jason handed her a granny smith, a knife and pointed to the cutting board.  “Just cut it into chunks,” Jason continued.

Sandra wondered if Jason knew he had just endangered his own life when he handed her that knife and suggested that she cut the apple.  Sandra didn’t realize that the real hazard was that threatening grin of his.

(Three word Wednesday–cut, endanger, hazard.




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5 responses to “Foreclosure #6

  1. I have missed a few so I went back to read them all. You are not telling us a lot about Sandra just teasing it out. OK there is a bit of family history and a mixed marriage but what is driving her, apart from her loss of job. How about at least 500 words? I am intrigued.

  2. wow.

    I wonder…is she reading more into that grin (challenging vs. genuine) than she should? are her own feelings towards father, their past and Jason clouding her judgement of him? Oh, and I really do wonder the implications of that last line…

  3. A little like Eve..perhaps..sizzles like bacon in the pan..a new start for her maybe..jae

  4. A lovely story of redemption

  5. scary breakfast time!

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