A Malevolent Presence

I think a malevolent presence has taken over our lives in the past week. As I probe the events of the last few days I am considering it a temporary presence.  I would find it repulsive if it decided to hang around.  But I am getting ahead of myself here.  I think I better start over.

We decided to remodel our master bathroom.  Hubby usually just shrugs when I ask him which counter top he prefers or which flooring he thinks is best.  However, I discovered that he has definite thoughts about the toilet.   It must be taller than standard.  It must have a wooden seat and lid, no concave plastic thing.  It must be guaranteed not to clog.  And it must be eco-friendly.  Who knew there were so many decisions to make regarding a toilet?  At least it wasn’t the most expensive one in the store.

We finally agreed on all the details and took ourselves out to lunch.  Immediately after we spent the money, my husband’s front tooth split.  The crown is scheduled.  Then we discovered a crack in the other toilet.  It must be replaced.  This morning our television quit working and I broke my favorite glasses.  That malevolent presence must go.

The 270  (check out J.T. Weaver)

3WW  Words:  malevolent, probe, repulsive.



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7 responses to “A Malevolent Presence

  1. The old toilet clearly has a malevolent presence. But look what you done to it in the past!

  2. Tell it to get gone! You’ve had some rough sledding this week. I hope things improve and oh yes, hope your home improvements go well.

  3. Lil sis

    Oh my! Hope things start to go better.

  4. I hope the bad luck leaves you soon …. but doesn’t manage to find me as an alternative 🙂

  5. Wow, when it rains it pours hey! I’ve been there my friend, no fun at all!!!

  6. oh dear hope things go better from now on.

  7. Reblogged this on J T Weaver and commented:
    I hope you like this offering from the world of “the 270”

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