Robots in the Silverware Drawer


What are Those Small Robots Doing in Your Silverware Drawer?

“What’s that noise?”

Silence. Then I heard it again.

“What’s that noise?  What
are you kids doing?”

The kids both walked in and looked at me as if I had lost my
mind.  Then I heard it again.  The sound reminded me of a train switching
tracks at a distant railroad station,  sort of screech and then some rattling
and a bump.  The sound seemed to be
coming from the kitchen.

“Oh, no, the washing machine.”
I ran to the kitchen remembering that I had overloaded the washer when I
put in a load of jeans earlier.  Much to my surprise, the washer had completed its cycle, and the clothes were waiting patiently to be transferred to the drier.  I transferred the clothes and listened.
I heard it again.  Screech.  Rattle. Bump.

By now, Sally and Sam, both trembling and hugging my legs tightly, pointed to the cabinet.  The top
drawer was in motion.

  Now I was trembling.

Carefully I placed my hand on the drawer pull.  Should I open it, I wondered.  It rattled again.  Ever so slowly I slid the drawer toward me while Sally and Sam backed away.

Inside a dozen silver robots were practicing marching in formation.  Their tiny feet balanced
precariously on the tines of the forks.  What are you doing?” I asked.

“Practicing.” Was the reply from their leader.

“Practicing for what?”  I  asked.

“Getting away,’ they all responded, their tiny little faces peering up in fear.

“Away from what?”

“The ants.”

So now you know what the robots were doing in the silverware drawer.


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