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Things in My Backyard

Things in my backyard—

Well these aren’t literally in my back yard, but a quick trip down the coast last fall and a stop at Beach 1 near Kalaloch, Washington revealed this anomaly in the Sitka Spruce growing in and around the Olympic National Forest.  The rounded knobs are tumors, possibly caused by a virus that damages the growth cells and makes them grow more rapidly than normal.  The result—these burls.

162 - Copy



Burls that look perverted

Among animated branches in the wind

Cause impassioned longing for the sun.

Three word Wednesday:  pervert; animate; impassioned.



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Changing Seasons

The leaves have fallen from the trees across the street, but this morning I watched two stellar jays flutter from branch to branch.  A nut hatch also scurried about his business as the sun highlighted the gnarled,weathered and snapped appendages of the old poplars that are determined to thrive despite the early winds this year. Although clouds dot the morning sky, the sun is like those old poplars.  It is determined to win.

So I draw from their persistence today and rejoin the writing world.  I look forward to winter with the anticipation of a child.  As the rains and winds approach, I have the perfect reason to stay indoors and write.

I have other writing I must do, so will sign off for now, but I will be back soon.


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If I hadn’t walked….

I try not to think of walking as exercise.  I consider “exercise” work.  However there are days when I still find it difficult to get out there and move.  There is one section of our waterfront trail that always provides something interesting; I usually head in that direction when I don’t really want to walk.   The disadvantage of this part of the trail is that I have to walk past a contaminated mill site and the sewage treatment plant to get to the interesting part of the trail.  (Life is like that.   You have to get past the stinky stuff to get to the good stuff.)

If I hadn’t taken that walk on Monday I would have missed the eagle as it swooped down, grabbed its prey and flew away, two seagulls following close behind–I guess the seagulls were hoping for an easy meal.  Farther down the trail I looked up to see two eagles in a tree.  One stayed quietly perched on a branch while the other alternated between swooping over the water and returning to anxiously sit in the tree.

As I continued my walk I listened as the surf snapped against the rocks, and stopped and watched ducks glide gracefully along the water’s edge.  Then I walked on savoring the silence.

As I started the return trip the silence was interrupted by the honking of a gaggle of geese.  I heard them long before I saw them soar overhead.

If I hadn’t walked….

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Goods Things in 2012….

Port Angeles–Victoria Ferry

A New Year’s Walk–

Several years ago my husband and I discovered that the typical New Year’s Eve celebrations no longer excited us.   So we replaced that tradition with a New Year’s Day walk.  Normally we walk out on Ediz Hook.  The weather is always unpredictable this time of year so we have walked in wind, rain and even snow.

This year we changed our route.  We started at the City Pier and walked East along the waterfront trail.  Cloudy skies greeted us as we left the car, but there was no wind.  It remained calm.  The sun came out and warmed us, both physically and emotionally.  It seemed like a good omen.  Sunny skies on the first day of the New Year certainly must mean good things will happen in 2012. 

I plan to take that thought and run with it this year. Let’s all change our route and believe that things can get better….

City Pier


Ducks at play


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Lunar Eclipse–Pacific Northwest Style

The moon so bright

The end of night

 Clouds in the sky

Earth passes by

I watch and wait

To see its fate

The earth prevails

While the moon fails

The clouds consume

I’ve lost the moon

Tonight, I know

The moon will show

And I’ll rejoice

It’s found its voice. 

For me the act of writing is sometimes like watching a lunar eclipse in the Pacific Northwest.  An idea starts out.  It’s bright in my head.  I find myself on a high.  Then doubt rolls in and consumes my joy.   I struggle to keep writing while my doubts prevail.  But I keep writing because I know if I continue, eventually I will find my voice.

 This morning the view of the moon was blocked by the clouds just before it was completely eclipsed by the shadow of the earth.  The climax was never visible.  That is exactly how my novel is going at the moment.


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Is Winter on its Way?

Last night was one of those blustery fall nights that makes one wonder if they really want their bedroom window slightly open for fresh air.

The wind blew so hard that the drapes danced away from the window sill and a wooden plaque played a rhythmic tune as it vibrated against the wall.

The boughs on the evergreens tormented each other as they bumped about like three year-olds having a tantrum. 

This morning the tree across the street stands naked, a casualty of last nights wind.

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A Drive Across Highway 410–Washington State

You can’t see the tiny snowflakes, but they were falling.  I guess that means summer is really over up here.

This is all I was able to photograph, but the wild flowers on the trek  across the pass  looked like spring.

Not quite so close.

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