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It is cloudy this morning, but we have already had a lot of spring weather in the Pacific Northwest.  The crocuses appeared in February and noticed that we didn’t have any snow, so they opted not to stay around for long.   The daffodils bloomed quickly in March and disappeared.  The bearded iris have started to bloom and the roses are full of buds.  It looks like a promising spring.

The swallows have returned and resumed their acrobatic antics.  And in the mornings and late at night I hear the sorrowful lament of our resident mourning dove.  He sounds as if he has taken up residence farther north this year. 

 It is time to get my garden planted and hope we get enough rain this summer for it to grow.  There is little snow in the mountains this year so we won’t be watering outside.  The grass doesn’t seem to mind.  We ‘ve been mowing since the last week of February.

Today I think I’ll take a drive around the lake and see what else is in bloom.


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